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Five Ways to Style Blazers

Theres nothing more exciting to Jackie and I than finding a quality and unique vintage blazer. Completing an outfit with a blazer isn’t a new trend this year, but 2021 is for the oversized look, shoulder pads in all. Speaking for myself, I never was a fan of blazers until recently. This can probably be attested to the fact that I attended a business school where I associated blazers with my finance classes. However, after starting The Backroom and finding a variety of AMAZING vintage blazers, my heart was stolen. Rather than wearing them for presentations on IBM’s capital structure, Jackie and I found ways to style blazers that make us feel good and look amazing (humble I know). Below, you can see five ways that we dress our blazers, most of which are included in the first inventory drop on our website:



Look ~cool~ while feeling comfy. Pair a blazer with your fave simple hoodie and sweats and you'll be ready to move in style. This outfit is the perfect way to look put together... even if you just woke up (@jackie).


One of our favorite go-to outfits is a blazer on top of a bandeau or crop top, paired with some light wash jeans. Or make your outfit ~hawt as hell~ with some leather pants, any matching top, and a blazer as the finishing piece.


A hot take on the 9-5. We love matching sets, especially when it’s a vintage pant/skirt suit. You can wear this to dinner with friends or out in the city. Whichever occasion you choose, just know that you will probably look 99.9999% better than everyone else (confidence is key ladies & gents). The two sets pictured below are vintage suits that I custom fitted to my height and body but I've been looking for more to customize and sell on the website!


Simple, but trendy. Stick to a neutral top depending on the blazer and add in some light wash jeans. You can also make it a mix of comfy and casual by substituting a top for a hoodie. The casual look is suited for a multitude of occasions; class, dinner, coffee date, or casual work Friday's.


This style is harder to come by, but vintage dusters (basically a lightweight blazer) are the best makeshift dresses that will turn heads. Button it up and wear-as-is or accentuate your waist with a belt on top. The one pictured below is a vintage shortsleeved orange blazer/duster that I found back in the summer and received SO many compliments when I wore it to get drinks in the city. Unsurprisingly, I'm having trouble letting it go on the website...

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