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our story


         You could say college is where we met our soul mates... and by that of course we mean each other. After meeting at eighteen and realizing it was love-at-first-party, we quickly became best friends who bonded over our shared interests in music, Mcdonald’s French fries, and most importantly, sustainable fashion. To no surprise, when we weren’t in class, we spent the majority of our free time experimenting with second hand clothing. Whether it was revamping used pieces, curating outfits from local thrift stores, or sifting through our moms’ closets, we loved taking risks with our wardrobe without polluting the environment. With the goal to inspire others by enhancing their wardrobe with sustainable, unique and custom second hand pieces that cannot be found elsewhere, we transformed our hobby into the Backroom; our fashion-forward baby that offers one of a kind repurposed clothing, accessories and home interiors. To our revelation, surprise, and excitement, business was boomin’. After selling over 900 items through Instagram, we recognized consumer demand for sustainable merchandise, and made the conscious decision to grow The Backroom with this website, which now includes a wider variety of mindful inventory. 


         As young women who studied finance, accounting and entrepreneurship at Babson College, we developed an understanding of how to best utilize our talents and passions to make a meaningful impact through a business venture. With that said, we think of The Backroom as not just a business, but our brand. While we have a shared vision, our success comes from our differences in styles and personalities. As we only source items we would personally wear or use, our differences allow us to curate a wide, yet balanced range of inventory for our customers. Although our styles are constantly changing and fashion trends are continuously emerging, our mission will always stay the same: We want our customers to not only feel good in what they’re wearing, but also feel good about where it’s coming from. We would love nothing more than your continued support of The Backroom and our initiatives by shopping our website, following us on Instagram, and spreading the word. The fact that you’re on this website right now means you have taken steps in your own sustainability journey, now let us help you look good, feel good, and stop hearts while you do it. 

Thank you always for the support. 

xx Care & Jack

Much love, 


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